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It is the mobile operators that support it and their relationship

Mobile phones with the built-in eSIM card are currently few, but the startup occurred when the last iPhone came to the list. First, Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 had done so, including their XL versions, and also the new Palm, as well as the future Meizu Zero that is on the way to the market. But the arrival of the iPhone, the real best sellers of the list, multiplied the interest in electronic SIM cards.

The logical thing is that the list of mobiles is increasing over time, but more importantly, the operators supporting eSIM in their catalog directories are increasing. So here we leave you a list of mobile operators for which it is already possible to get an eSIMand what conditions each of them establishes. We go there

eSIM or virtual SIM card, we explain it to you in video

Orange, with the oranges all started

Orange Esim

Following on from its competition, Orange was the first operator to announce that it would integrate the eSIMs into its catalog, and in November 2018 they already warned that the service was already available. The activation of eSIM with Orange has a starting price and then depends on the rate we employ.

Free with some prices, 2.95 euros with others, with Orange there is eSIM for smartphones and watches

To request activation of one of the devices compatible with the operator (for now the iPhone XR, XS, XS MAX, Apple Watch 4 and Watch 3, Galaxy Watch 4G Esim and Huawei Watch 2), we must enable the MultiSIM serviceand it is available in Orange stores, in the customer's area of ​​your website or by calling 1470 or 1471 customer service numbers.

Activating the MultiSIM service in Orange has a price of 5 euros and then it is free (for an eSIM) for love without borders, love unlimited business, loving basic family 2017, love family without borders, love assembled family, go up and go top. For the rest of the rates, the monthly cost is 2.95 euros per month. Month.

Movistar, only for iPhone and iPad


The blue mobile operator also announced in November in November that it began offering eSIM in its catalog. The greeting with them is that it is only compatible with the three latest generation iPhone models and with the iPad Pro. Despite the Apple preferences, Apple Watch 3 and 4 are not included in the list of compatible devices with it. At least so far.

With Movistar, there is only eSIM for the latest iPhone, for now

As with Orange, Movistar enables the use of eSIM with its MultiSIM service. This service can be activated in any Movistar store and also from 1004 customer service numbers. The cost of activating the MultiSIM service is 11 eurosand it is allowed to register up to three eSIM with him, four in total with our motherboard. The monthly cost of Movistar's MultiSIM service is 6 euros per day. Month.

With Movistar, eSIM will only be enabled and will work for a device, so if we have multiple phones compatible with it, they will operate with different eSIMs, all of which are included in the company's MultiSIM program. The individual price for each of the activated eSIM & # 39; remains at 0 euros per. Month for now.

Vodafone, with OneNumber


Vodafone's OneNumber service is responsible for loading the eSIM in the catalog and, as with Movistar, it is currently only available for Apple gadgets, even if this is Yes they include Apple Watch 4. We will therefore have watches and smartphones with Vodafone eSIM.

OneNumber is "multiSIM" by Vodafone, and in that we can include up to four eSIM

OneNumber is designed like the other MultiSIM services, and we can also enable virtual, electronic or eSIM SIM cards. specifically, Up to four extra cards in addition to the most important oneswhere the sum is constructed for a maximum of five cards. OneNumber is available for free in the One L, Red L and L Line prices.

For the rest of the rates, the service operates at no cost for three months and then costs 5 euros per day. month, no matter how many cards we have activated in the service. Activation of Vodafone OneNumber service is free, not the monthly payment, depending on which rates we hire or have contracted.

Pepephone, OMV or MásMóvil

Esim Pepe

The virtual operator of the polka dot suite, now covered by Grupo MásMóvil, has been the last to announce that it incorporates eSIM in its catalog for now. With that, we can get a virtual SIM card to incorporate our compatible mobile phones and for the moment devices like smartwatches are not supported.

Unlike the other operators we have commented so far in Pepephone you do not need to activate a multiSIM service to get a virtual card. Just ask the operator and we can activate it on the device where it will be used, for now only smartphones.

With Pepephone, eSIM is completely free and we can choose not to have a physical card

The cost of activating or maintaining this eSIM is free, although it seems that we can only have one eSIM for each phone number we have entered with the operator, no secondary cards. A curiosity since We can have an eSIM without the need for a cardphysics requesting the change to Pepephone or indicating it during employment.

Summary of operators with eSIM

MultiSIM necessary?


Monthly costs

ESIM limit



5 euros

Free to:
– Love without limits
– Love Business without limits
– Love Essential Family 2017
– Love Unlimited Family
– Love Total Family
– Go up
– Go to the top.
2.95 euros in the rest.




11 euros

6 euros




free of charge

Free to:
– An L
– Red L
– Lines L.
5 euros in the rest



does not

free of charge

free of charge

One pr. Number

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