Monday , January 18 2021

It's not over: Danny Perez will leave Colo Colo after not playing in a single minute Dale Albo

Danny Marcos Pérez Váldez is 19 years old and plays striker. His arrival in Cacique last July surprised everyone. He was borrowed from Deportes La Serena, who owns the federal rights and also 90% of the economic rights.

The company to bring young Danny to Cacique for 18 months, does not please Anibal Mosa, who sent a formal letter to the board claims the player's links with Fernando Felicevich, also related to cast in the fourth region.

According to the La Tercera reports, Pérez & # 39; days in Macul ended. The football player did not play a moment during his stay in Colo Colo, it was not registered, and even in Cacique's sub19 it was not given either:

"They asked the coach (Manuel Crespo) to shoot him, but his contribution was negative in all games. Without going any further, in all those who played in the starting line, the team lost"Said the newspaper.

Now Deportes La Serena will return to take over Venezuelan. They don't know, yes, if they want to integrate it into their business, or they'll look for another club for him.

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