Monday , November 23 2020

Julian Elfenbein's answer to jokes about his weight

Last Friday, the animator of Pasapalabra, Julián Elfenbein, was interviewed in Primer Plano, by his animator, Francisca García-Huidobro and Julián Elfenbein.

In a climate of self-confidence as they are good friends who will soon be leaving for Channel 13, spoke to him about his overweight, stating "Robusto I find you"

"How thick are you saying? I'm fine Good evening, Fran," said the animator Garcia-Huidobro, who said "this is the ridiculous humor we've done throughout our career."

Ivory told him he had returned to an "almost normal plan. I will tell you that in terms of sports, I return to the robustness that you told me at the beginning, I appreciate the comment".

"But your pants broke on Telethon in front of all of Chile!" Julio César Rodríguez's ex-partner told him with his distinctive tone.

Culinary: "It's that I am more potent than robust" … "They call me Miss Reef," he added.

"I'm in what cardiologists call" cardio gymnastics, "which is basically fome: walking, a little bit of a bike. And I do that with a special coach, sports kine. I'm trying to go four times a week, "said the animator who said he is trying to go four times a week.

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