Tuesday , January 26 2021

Male who raped and killed a child under 4 years who sought parole | national

On Monday, the allegations were made for the appeal to amparo, presented by Cristian Vilo Valenzuela, as in 1998 He was sentenced to life imprisonment to violate and murder a 4-year-old minor in Hualañé municipality.

The sentenced seeks to achieve parole after serving 20 years of his sentence, but the victim's family presented his opposition to the supreme court , supported by amparo and the justice fund.

The agency agency, Alejandro Espinoza, explained that this type of detainees returns to reoffend, and in this case reports indicate that There was no repentance.

"This subject is not rehabilitated for social life and, of course, has a very high opportunity to recover in crimes of this size raped by boys or girls, "said the lawyer.

The appeal, which was already rejected by the Board of Appeal of Santiago, while the criminal association agreed the decision.

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