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Manufacturers who have not yet upgraded their flagship to Android Pie 9.0

ASUS Zenfone

Finally, we arrived in 2019. On August 6, 2018, we announced the arrival of Android Pie 9.0 for Pixel devices, so it has been almost 6 months since the latest Android version was released. Project Treble has served as something, at least in the high end, and a large number of high-end units 2018 are updated for this version. But like every year, some manufacturers are a little behind.

Updates are not too important for the average user, may not penalize sales and even some users They prefer businesses to take longer and offer more polished ROMs. The pace of each brand is special, and arrived in early 2019 we find it interesting to count. We then list Manufacturers who have not yet updated their latest high-end Android 9.0 Pie, despite the facilities Google wanted to put with Treble.

The most backward one


The battery of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 becomes hot and smokes, according to a user

For Samsung's sake, the Galaxy S9 and S9 + are already receiving Android Pie 9.0 update released on December 24th. But its flagship, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, still has Android Pie 9.0 inside. It always collides with Samsung prioritizing the Galaxy S series, even if it is on paper, subordinate to the Galaxy Note.

Currently, there are no official dates, however We hope the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be updated to Android 9.0 Pie throughout the month of Januaryand therefore enjoys One UI, the new interface to the units of the South Korean company that focuses on minimalism and functionality.



LG G7 ThinQ continues with Android Oreo. The open beta process was opened in November, although it was only available in South Korea. This should be indicative that the official update should not last much longer, so the LG G7 ThinQ should also enjoy the latest version of Android earlier in 2019. In the case of LG There is no news about major changes in the user interfaceso we expect changes in operating system optimization and some other design strokes without major changes.


HTC Desire 12S

HTC U11, U11 + and U12 + also continue on Android Oreo, and there are no dates for the update. However, the company is working on it updateso we expect it sometime in this first quarter of 2019. For HTC, no major changes are expected either. HTC Sense normally respects Google design line enough, so we expect an optimization of Google's proposal, meticulously by the meticulous interface of the Taiwanese manufacturer.


Zenfone Z

ASUS Zenfone 5Z does not have Android Pie 9.0, although the update is expected this month in January. In the case of this manufacturer, the interface is completely Asian and personal, so what is expected for the update is minimal changes in the design and integration of the mandatory enhancements imposed by Google with 9.0. ASUS 'foray in the high-end has never been stable, so we do not know its update policy and philosophy for 2019.

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