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Mapuche comunero shot dead during Ercilla police operation: the origin of the shot is unknown national

An Mapuche Comunero died Wednesday after being injured in the midst of a shooting during an operation of the tactical group Carabineros, known as "Jungle Command", in the municipality of Ercilla, province of Malleco.

The victim was identified as Camilo Catrillanca Marín 24 years old, who is grandson of lonco Juan Catrillanca in Mapuche society Ignacio Queipul Millanao.

According to Carabineros and the government, Catrillanca got a shot that caused his death when he drove a tractor with another minor for 15 years around 4:00 pm The previous case, just at that moment and the place where Carabineros met extrusions with strangers who had robbed vehicles a couple minutes ago.

The facts were confirmed today by the mayor of La Araucanía, Luis Mayol, who left all the details of the case and regretted what happened.

Meanwhile, the Director General of Carabineros de Chile, Hermes SotoHe also confirmed what happened and assured that there is already an investigation in this regard.

That's what Soto said The origin of the shot that ended Catrillana's life is not clear, so it is not certain that Carabineros was responsible.

In addition, he said that So far, it is not known if the young Mapuche community participates in criminal acts, so far it would be an accident.

"It's an event of common crime, which unfortunately ends with a deceased person. There is no ethnicity or is there any particular violation on this issue?", detailed Soto.

"A flagrant criminal act"

The events occurred when police staff deployed a major procedure after a group of hood men grabbed three cars of teachers from Santa Rosa School from Ancapi Ñancucheo around 4:00 pm

After an intense persecution, the troops managed to restore two vehicles.

But while doing the surgery, A group of strangers confronted Carabineros with automatic firearms, shooting, surrounding them and leaving them without escape routes.

Then a tractor went off the site, which would not be involved with strangers.

In the vehicle I went Catrillanca, which died as a result of a shot against my head in the shot.

Quickly, Carabinero took care of Mapuche comunero and moved him to Ercilla Cesfam, but he died because of the seriousness of his injuries.

"It's a common crime"said Luis Mayol about what happened. "The victims are the teachers," he concluded.

That way he allowed it Catrillanca had a history and had previously been arrested for receiving vehicles.

However, the Director-General of Carabineros de Chile, Hermes Soto, currently ruled out that Catrillanca had participated in this specific criminal act so that his death would have been an accident to be in the midst of the shot.

Clipping of roads in the Curacamil sector
Clipping of roads in the Curacamil sector

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