Wednesday , December 2 2020

Marvel not only responds to the critics of Capitana Marvel, but demonstrates its reach in theaters

Captain Marvel: Marketing and Expectations for This Wonderful Settlement

With the release of the new Averngers trailer and poster: Endgame, we gave an idea of ​​the relevance of Capitana Marvel to the entertainment company.

Captain Marvel It was added as an element of refreshment to what we had seen so far. But after the release we saw countless negative reviews on social networks, as the story was not strong until the character was not well-worked.

This made a difference because since the premiere of the first movie of AvengersThe criticism was always positive. Marvel By passing negative opinions is not an appropriate strategy because brand reputation is everything.

Remember the case Batman vs Superman: The origin of the justice of its competitor DC Comics. The film was destroyed by criticism and a resounding failure for the company.

Therefore, Marvel will not make less negative opinions. His strategy is to highlight the image, which according to Comscore data in its first weekend in the United States, Capitan Marvel raised more than $ 153 million, worldwide, $ 455 million.

This was enough to place him as the movie with a woman with the best debut in history that exceeded the $ 357 million she earned. Beauty and the animal, starring Emma Watson.

Then he showed the numbers through his social networks where he placed:

"Thank you to the best fans in the universe to make #CapitanaMarvel # MarvelStud10's # 1 movie in the world the second week in a row and" do anything "to watch #AvengersEndgame trailer 268 million times in 24 hours.

Reputation intact

It is, in passing, Marvel managed Avenger's power with the numbers recorded from his trailer: 268 million times in 24 hours.

We already knew that this would happen mainly because Avenger's success: Infinity War at the cashier's office represented the Disney business more than $ 2,000 046 million, only in cinemas, without considering the huge amount of merchandising and licensing.

Marvel's strategy is now to make it clear that Capitana Marvel's reputation is intact and that Avengers continues its best game before he sees what will happen at the box office with this next-to-be-performing movie April 26th.


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