Tuesday , November 24 2020

Matías Oviedo and changes of Tomás in hidden truths: "Everything has a limit" | TV and show

Hidden truths is in a stage of change in his character and one of the most notorious has experienced Thomas (Matías Oviedo), which went from being the ideal gala of the series to a Aggressive man who has been invaded by anger.

In this way, the actor, who has personified this character for more than a year, spoke Matias Oviedo about his change in the last episodes of the series.

"He has endured a lot in history, many characters lie to him, cheat him or do whatever they want with him, but once they have become involved in Tomasito, everything has a limit," he said.

In this connection, Oviedo stated that Tomás would no longer be the innocent galant of Megas production, assuming a role that could even be revenge.

"Now we want to see another Thomas, one who wants to take another side, one side where will stop being a victim of things and will take a different role ", he indicated.

It should be noted that in one of the spoilers supplied by the followers Hidden truths In social networks, it indicates that Tomás could be one of the next dead characters in history.

Another possible advance says the father of "Tomacito" will avenge his son's supposed disappearance in an accident and will kill the villain Leonardo.

It should be noted that this day marked the minor's resurrection in the series, which turned out to be with villain Eliana Zapata (Francisca Gavilán) and not with Leonardo at night on the car's detour.

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