Friday , May 14 2021

Matías Zaldivia would be the first accident in the Colo Colo for next season

Colo Colo has complicated days. At the wrong time of the court this Tuesday confirmed the decline of Jaime Valdés for two months, so his season is over today. This can even increase his retirement and retirement from the albo box.

However, it is not the only headache that complicates albos. Similar situations are what they should experience Matías Zaldivia and Fernando Meza. This, because in the Colo Colo they want to release two quotas of foreigners, and the Argentineans appear as main candidates to emigrate.

"It could be an opportunity. It must be a project that is interesting because it is a major institution", stressed the representative of Zaldivia, Matías Mayo, to Radio Agricultura.

At the same time, the former Palestine is about to recover after breaking the crossband in his left knee. And because of its high cost, one would try to get a receipt to release the quota so that the next coaching staff can be strengthened in the best possible way.

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