Friday , December 4 2020

Mauricio Pinilla back at the University of Chile?

Mauricio Pinilla again caught the attention of social networks after it was exceeded on a possible return of the transmission to University of Chile Yes, the same club that won him a millionaire demand for his controversial departure in mid-2018.

As reported The Blue Syntony, this incredible scenario is managing Sabino Aguad, The club's new sports manager seeking to strengthen the ties between the player and Carlos Heller, Blue Blue's helmsman.

The strategy for explaining the return to the fans and ensuring that "U is above all else" is to use a "scapegoat" for the conflict that arose with Pinilla and will transfer responsibility for the mismanagement of the problem to Ronald Fuentes and Pablo Silvawho left the club at the last board meeting.

The plan is the same as the technician Frank Kudelka, Pinilla and Heller hold a press conference on January 3, beginning the preseason, sending a message of unity and limiting the ax.

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