Friday , January 22 2021

Mediterranean diet can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by up to 25%

The famous and recommended Mediterranean Diet can reduce the risk of suffering up to 25%
cardiovascular disease as explained by a new Harvard study, T.H Chan
Public Health School, Brigham and
Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical

Through a panel of 40 biomarkers, researchers
studied eating habits of more than 25,000 women who attended
in the Women's Health Study in the United States. Participants completed
a questionnaire about their food intake and they gave blood samples
to measure biomarkers and was followed for up to 12 years. For his part, the scientific team classified
participants according to their intake of Mediterranean diet, classify it in
low, medium and high.

The first events that were measured in the study were
occurrence of cardiovascular disease – in its definition of first events
of heart attack, stroke, cardiovascular death and
coronary arterial revascularization.

The results showed that 428 (4.2%) of the participants
of the low-income group a little in a cardiovascular event in comparison
with 356 (3.8%) of the middle group and 246 (3.8%) of the high-income group in the Mediterranean diet. This would be a reduction
of the relative risk of 23% and 28%, respectively, an advantage
similar to that produced by some preventive substances and statins.

The research team also observed changes in
inflammation – which represents 29% of the risk reduction of the disease
cardiovascular-glucose metabolism and insulin resistance and
maximum body index.

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