Tuesday , January 19 2021

Microsoft will improve accessibility to PowerPoint presentations by adding support for subtitle integration

Microsoft continues to pamper one of its most important applications. The forgetting of the issues that Windows 10 leaves in its latest updates, Office becomes a peaceful paradise, where the issues, at least the important, do not exist if updates start.

We have recently learned about the appearance of the new icons that the famous office suite would release, and now we are echoing some of the new features that will come in the coming weeks. to improve user friendlinessthat is already high in itself, offered by the application package.

These developments will focus on one of the applications we find in Office, how is PowerPoint and try to improve accessibility at the time of offering presentations in different languages ​​through Incorporation of subtitle support.

An addition, as we recently saw, how it would reach the Skype conversations in real time and now come to the presentations. The goal facilitate access to information, either to people who do not know the language or to those users who have hearing problems.

This update will appear at the end of January and will offer support for 12 spoken languages ​​and 60 written. It can be used for any presentation developed on the platform and in order to improve the integration of presentations, it will be possible to customize them to the environment so that the letters can not be confused with the rest of the screen. Microsoft will also make use of the so fashionable Artificial Intelligence, so the application will be able to identify the context in which it is positioned to customize the aesthetic it offers.

It's an improvement that, as we say, comes to PowerPoint in the coming weeks, both the version of Windows, as in Mac and in the web version of the application.

Source | The Verge

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