Sunday , January 17 2021

Migration Pact: Piñera thank you for the support that caused the rejection of his party national

Following support issued by the former president Eduardo Frei to the government's decision to withdraw UN migration pact, which triggered the rejection of opposition sectors, the president Sebastián Piñera He thanked exmandatario.

Piñera said he appreciated Frei's support, who "He understands very well a president's responsibility, and we must not make a mistake here. The Marrakech Pact calls for illegal immigration and reduces the country's sovereignty. "

From the Free Party, the Christian Democrats, the head of the caucus, Matías Walker, deputy Raúl Soto and Senator Francisco Huenchumilla ex-Mandant criticized.

As quoted by La Tercera, Walker assured Frei "has his opinion" as contrasts with the party's institutional attitude expressed in the draft decision in Parliament. In addition, he said that "the declaration of our publishers is to encourage the government to review its decision and, in short, to participate in the Global Pact for Migration, organized and regularly."

Deputy Vice President Raúl Soto said that "one would expect a far more vision of a person's status as Frei and not to be carried away by temptations of ultra-right populism. "

He also separated the positions from DC and Frei and argued that the party "today is resistance and he is government", as the former president is currently ambassador in a special mission for the Asia Pacific.

"I think you should choose we can not continue to tolerate this kind of ambiguity. It does a huge damage to the game "added Soto.

Meanwhile, Senator Huenchumilla was equally serious and assured that "I would have expected a little more caution from a former president of the Republic."

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