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Monotonous when choosing destinations: The figures as graphists in Chile


Choose a day, take your bags and define a point on the map. Traveling through Chile long ago ended up being a luxury once a year and in the summer, and it was shown, at least in the figures, in the first longitudinal study of domestic tourism in Chile.

This study for the first time addresses the characteristic of national tourism, and its data is more than encouraging the sector. Of course, it is estimated that in Chile there are more than 39.2 million trips per year, of which 22 million are transfers involving at least one overnight stay in another location and another 17.2 million trips per day or excursions.

But the research promoted by the Undersecretariat for Tourism and Sernatur also accounts for less successful realities. The first is that there are still 12.1% of Chilean households who do not have the feeling of not even knowing Chile once a year, and the other, especially worrying for the regions, is that creativity is not a feature of choosing the destinations, but with the right monotonin.

Bag in hand

It is estimated that on average every Chilean travels 2.5 times. The figure can not seem so high, but the truth is that only 11.6 million inhabitants in the country can do so, so that passenger households actually average 3.2 departures a year. Together with it's mean time of long journeys (4 or more days) 9.7 days stay, while short (less than 4 days) is 2.1 days.

In this regard, Andrea Wolleter, Chief of Sernatur, said that "thanks to this photo of how Chileans travel, we know that another quarter of the population can not travel through Chile, so our goal is to focus better social programs and support diversification of supply in the regions, he says.

In this line, Helen Kouyoumdjian, Vice President of Fedetur, commented that "generally, data does not reveal major differences with a similar study of 2012" but "a more positive news, thinking of a future study, would be that the proportion of households and residents , as tourism should be seen as an inclusive sector ".

On the other hand, the cost per person per long journey is an average of 22,643 USD per day, while in shorts $ 31,049 is paid. In turn, it is estimated that a long trip leaves tourism totaling $ 220 thousand per traveler, while the short trip reports almost 65 thousand dollars.

A little creative

Humberto Rivas, academics from the education school and eco-tourism in U. San Sebastian, said in the report "There is an increasing democratization of tourism, but there is still an important segment of Chileans striving to enjoy our landscape. Tourism is an absolute necessity , he says.

But, in addition to the numbers, the expert stresses the lame leg of tourism: they get the destinations that take much of the attention. "It is not surprising that preferred places are consolidated," says Rivas, adding that "this entails different planning and management challenges in destinations, both rural and urban."

In addition, almost the fourth of the trips involves overnight stays (23.7%) intended for the Valparaiso region, while the BioBío region is the only one that also exceeds two digits (12.2%). That is, most attractions end up in the same way as always: the coast, Coquimbo and La Serena, Concepción and the urban Santiago.

"It's a new urge for sustainability, we must be very careful about the overcrowding of the coastal areas and continue to work to promote good and best practices in nature, cultural tourism, expand the offer in mountains and coastal areas in new places that allow decentralization of the current traditional destinations , says the expert.

"The most important thing is that there are more and better figures for implementing measures and increasing domestic tourism." One way to achieve this is to develop tourist destinations and diversify experiences so that tourism becomes more attractive, "says Fedetur Authority.

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