Friday , November 27 2020

Navarro and Chahuan close by and "cambiadita" last season in the senate | national

Yesterday was the last year's sale in the senate, ending every Wednesday with the so-called event event, where parliamentarians can present questions of general interest and request information from certain authorities.

Unfortunately, this body culminated with the participation of only two legislators: Alejandro Navarro and Francisco Chahuán, who had to listen to each other and play "cambiaditas" in the room presidency to speak.

"Christmas also called them to leave earlier," said Alejandro Navarro ironically, referring to the rest of the 43 senators, as it should have been present at the opportunity.

In accordance with the formalities, which in the apartment ended up becoming ridiculous, the video is valued, as it is Chahuán, who first questioned a police method that struck a student at the University of Valparaíso.

"In short, I request the relevant offices and clarify each and every incident that affected this student, Josefa Silva," said Chahuán.

The curious thing came later when Navarro, the only conversation partner and colleague present in the room, who was at the time chairman of the body, welcomed his request and asked him to replace it in the main room so he could take the floor .

A joke that this time only Chahuan and Navarro can count.

"I've been fighting my whole life for the hour of events, which is the time when you can talk what he means. Yesterday I talked about putting alternatives to the pathetic route or route built by Serviu, to avoid tacos between San Pedro, Concepción and Coronel, and I asked for official instructions and statements from the authorities, explained the senator from Bío Bío.

"The historical practice is that those interested in the subject remain, you talk about what you want to talk about your region. I've talked several times just because only those interested remain," he concluded.

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