Wednesday , December 2 2020

Neither Ilyushin nor Super Thoughts: The American aircraft that will reach south to fight fires national

For the evening of this Wednesday, the arrival of the American aircraft is scheduled DC-10 Air Tanks, also known as "Ten Tanker" to Santiago to help fight the array of forest fires that remain active in the southern part of the country nearly a week ago.

The stay for "Ten Tanks" will be extended for at least one month while its operation center will be located in Carriel Sur Airport in Gran Concepción, unlike what happened when Super Thoughts came from Santiago because of its large size.

The above, because Ten Tanker measures about 50 meters long (20 meters less than Super Tanks), which makes it possible to land on the Penquista airport runway.

The Bío Bío region comes to dinner at noon. Thursday after its short passage through the capital.

Work with Ten Thoughts on Fire in California in 2013 | Wikipedia CC
Work with Ten Thoughts on Fire in California in 2013 | Wikipedia CC

Meanwhile, Conaf dismissed delays in incorporating air resources from abroad into the voice of its CEO José Manuel Rebolledowho is in dialogue with Express Bío Bío He also acknowledged that the high temperature scenario recorded last week was not taken into account.

According to Conaf records, the agency currently operates 48 aircraft, including the Canadian helicopter Kamov Since the end of January, he has worked in the country with the capacity to discharge five thousand liters of water at a time.

To these are added additional fifteen air resources leased by forestry companies, three of which are large helicopters with the ability to flush ten thousand liters of water.

The Deputy Minister of the Interior, Rodrigo Ubilla, warned of the need to have a permanent operational capacity in case of possible emergencies for the rest of the summer.

"We have from today a DC-10 with a capacity of 45,000 liters (…) we need to have an operational capacity available permanently in the coming days," said the authority.

The Ten Thoughts come to the country after the frustrated arrival of the Russian aircraft Beriev 200 Due to climate conditions in Europe you cannot travel to Chile. Also at the expense of Ilyushin who already worked to meet the fire in 2017, but it delayed much in his arrival.

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