Friday , December 4 2020

Nevada does not license Jon Jones after new positive doping, UFC moves UFC 232 from Las Vegas to Los Angeles Undisputed

A new positive doping by Jon Jones, without penalty from USADA, has caused UFC 232 to move from Las Vegas to Los Angeles in the Arena known as "The Forum".

The Nevada Athletic Commission did not want to license Jon Jones to compete for the positive, so the UFC decided to move the full card to Los Angeles, where the California Commission will license Jones to face Alexander Gustafsson in that star game.

On December 9, the UFC was informed of a new positive doping test by Jon Jones, where, according to USADA and UFC, an oral turinabolic residue was found, a quantity described as "minimal" and in only picograms on both sides.

A picogram is below the nanograms and would be the 12th place after the decimal point of a gram, that is, .00000000001 gram, which is why it is often exemplified, as was said in Jones' first doping as a pinch of salt in a olympic pool.

Nate Schmidt of Golden Knights in Las Vegas tested positive for the same substance in amounts described as picograms and was suspended for 20 games by the NHL at the start of the season.

Tom Lawlor said in a network today that the suspension, which ended up costing him his career in the UFC, was 17 picograms of Ostarina, for which he was suspended two years and cut off from the UFC when his suspension ceased.

USADA stated that the drug, the same substance that Jon Jones tested positively in its last fight against Daniel Cormier in 2017 and which he was suspended for 15 months, was not a new intake but a remnant of the positive. With this there is no new punishment.

However, USADA accepted that during the initial positive and new positives, the drug was not detected in 7 drug trials.

According to Jeff Novitzy, Vice President of Athletics Health and Performance at the UFC, the amount in doping was only picograms and commented that there are other sports that see cases like Jones, where after a positive there are more tests negative and again another positive.

Novitzky mentioned that from September to November, Jones had four negatives until the exam on 9 December.

Even with this, the Nevada Atletic Commission would not give Jon Jones a combat license for this match and ask him to come forward in January to talk about it. This Commission authorized Jon to withdraw his license request so that he could apply for permission in California.

The California State Commission called for a quick doping test on Jones, which he approved on Saturday and granted the license to the former champion, after which the UFC moved the event to Los Angeles.

California was the state where Jones was initially tested positively and a few days ago, Jones asked to enter a secondary doping program and he refused.

The Nevada Commission in a statement stated:

"Today, Nevada State Athletic Commission and its CEO Bob Bennett announced that, in consultation with Commissioner Anthony Marnell III, Jon Jones is allowed to withdraw his application to apply for a permit, which was such that he could fight a event in Nevada at the end of the month, following an extended analysis by Jones & # 39; last 18 months of doping testing outside and within USADA competition, Bennett, Commissioner Marnell and Mr. Jones said he will attend during a hearing in January. "

Despite all, Dana White defended Jon Jones on Sunday night at a small Las Vegas press conference:

"I haven't heard anything negative about Jon Jones going to this match, nothing. He came on a plane yesterday and made a doping test immediately. When I plan to hit him with two months notice, it's impossible. It's hard to get Jones. Now he's willing to do everything. So I think Jon Jones is clean, fit to fight, and I think he's doing the right thing. "

Daniel Cormier was quick to respond, the UFC's complete and half-complete champion was ready in the network, calling the USADA, Jeff Novitzky, Andy Foster of the California Commission "UN CHISTE", and the theory of "snapping" of Turinabol's steroid into an Olympic pool. Jones test positive 18 months later.



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