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No one expected it: the tragic end of the character of Benjamín Vicuña in & # 39; View a View & # 39; | TV and shows

After that, it was announced that Show to Vis would reach his final end, the "yellow tide" was expected on how it would be in the last chapter of this series of four seasons, and what would be the result of his characters, including the one played by Benjamín Vicuña.

Hierro (Vicuña) had a sad and lonely end, leaving several astonished as no one expected anything like this to happen. Unlike the other characters, Vicuña's role said goodbye in the penultimate chapter in an abrupt way, detailed Fotech.

Everything happened when Sandoval (Ramiro Blas) wanted to move Sole (María Isabel Díaz Lago) to another prison because of Alzheimer's disease, but none of the family members wanted it to happen even though she herself wanted to die in that place.

It was there then Iron and his team of guards surprised to try to take the woman four days before they budgetedat the moment a rebellion begins in prison to leave Sole in that room.

While all this happened, Zulema (Najwa Nimri) put an end to Sandoval, on which the guard came in, receiving the inmate's stabbings that cause her death.

Through his social network, Benjamin left the farewell message and thanked the supporters of the Spanish production. "Thank you for the incredible messages from this evening's chapter Show to show. Happy and grateful. Yellow Tide "said the actor.

Twitter Benjamín Vicuña

Twitter Benjamín Vicuña

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