Tuesday , January 19 2021

Now it's Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017), which receives Android security in December

Wow, Samsung seems to do homework. A few days ago, we informed you about good news for the Galaxy J5 (2017). And now it is Galaxy A5 (2017) the lucky one

In other words, the latter smartphone mentioned receives an update software. It brings a new Android security program with what was signed in December of this yearisland.

In Mexico and Canada at the moment

So far, only update in two countries. On the one hand, the customers are Telcel Mexico, identification of the update under the nomenclature A520FXXU7CRK7.

On the other hand, there are the owners of a Galaxy A5 (2017) in Canada. Only that is the serial number A520WVLU5CRL1. We do not know the exact cause of this difference in the nomenclature, but perhaps because they are different variants.

Anyway, for what you know The package only contains December security patch. As in the Galaxy J5 (2017) this patch has Corrections for six critical vulnerabilities discovered in Android. It also corrects up to 40 vulnerabilities and critical exposures that are typical of software from Samsung self.

To that sweet one? wait if you have a galaxy a5 (2017)

If that is the case, you own a Galaxy A5 (2017), then You can check the box in the section software update from your team to see if you are lucky.

Otherwise, we remind you that the expansion in these cases usually happens gradually, so you we recommend to wait.

perooooo… if you were one of the most anxious and restless, then you can access the SamMobile database. Although we recommend that you have the minimum knowledge to perform a proper installation and avoid completely destroying your mobile.

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