Saturday , January 16 2021

NVIDIA creates an AI that designs precise faces for the right ones

Stephen Hawking in Heaven does not like this.

Tonight's nightmare will be courtesy for boys NVIDIA. Our readers do not have to explain what Uneasy Valley. So when you watch this video, you will realize perfectly that it will soon be a thing from the past. And of course you had to start with the software.

It turns out that the company has just published the results of its latest research project. Under the title of A style based generator architecture for generative adversarial networks (GAN).

Where, in cooperation with specialized engineers has created the maximum GAN. Could collect a generator of fake faces based on blends of styles.

Where the neural network of artificial intelligence takes different facial features of other people to combine them and create photorealistic faces:

Goodbye Valley Disruptive: NVIDIA creates an AI that designs accurate faces the right ones

Each of the pictures we see up there does not exist. They were generated by NVIDIA's artificial intelligence.

Maybe with the darker skin tones You may feel some uncertainty about your fidelity. But the rest simply ignores the disturbing dys preferences.

At first glance, anyone can believe that it's a photograph of a real person. And it is honest to interfere.

Finally, this project can represent the first seed of a new era in the robotics and artificial intelligence industry.

Do not miss the video, explaining in detail how this AI works.

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