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"Obese does not see this condition as a disease": study

The different stigmata as a dog people with obesity, society's understanding and feeling of loneliness benefit theirs weight gain, said Efe Flavia Robles, a patient who has managed to overcome this disease.

"One of the biggest problems is that the patient himself tends to deny your obesity and to minimize the problem, except for people does not see this as a disease and blame on those who suffer from it to live this condition, "explained the head of International Trials Novo Nordisk.

Robles, who after pregnancy were overweight 30 kilograms, told patients with this disease They are misunderstood not only by their immediate circle but by the doctors themselves who are not sensitive to this disease.

"Training of staff of health It is an indispensable work. That the obese person feels that he has the doctor's attention without being convicted and that he or she uses a more neutral language so that patients can get better treatment, "says Dr Verónica Vázquez.

The Specialist at the Obstetrics Clinic at the National Institute of Nutrition and Medical Sciences Salvador Zubirán (INNCMSZ) indicated that this was due to the patient being made guilty.

Contrary to what happens to other diseases like cancer, for example, where the patient is seen as a warrior struggling to defeat the condition, obesity always rises as suffering from it

The problem, he explained, is that it is a chronic disease and as such does not have cure, that is why the patient with obesity he is never discharged

In addition, Flavia Robles noted that in this disease, in contrast to others who are chronic and incurable, the patient usually stops feeling alone.

"Many times you can not lose weight, you think the magic formula is to close your mouth and exercise, and people see that we do not lose weight, abandon us, you're alone in this fight," said the patient . .

Similarly, he said that physical appearance is often a disadvantage for finding a good job or partner to share life.

"It discriminates at all levels and in every aspect of life," said Robles.

In addition, he added that the lack of empathy in humans can lead patients not to seek help to address this problem.

This stigma affects the lack of information retrieval from patients seeking treatment options, which must be comprehensive and involve the family

"The family accompaniment is very important, because the value we provide for food is since we are small." It must be emphasized to understand that these things can change, even if treatment is for life, "he said.

Currently treatments like bariatric surgery They are an excellent option for patients who, despite all their efforts, fail to lose weight, but Vázquez felt that the patient should be well informed about the procedure.

"Not all patients meet the criteria, but when they are candidates, it is the responsibility of the doctor to explain to the patient all possible consequences of weight loss, there may be changes in addictive behavior in his image and in life," he said.

But he said the most important thing is to clarify to humans that there are no magic formulas or procedures to lose weight to "It is a disease It has to be treated for life and that is the reason for success to be healthy. "EFEUSA

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