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One in three women develops uterine fibers from 35 years

Posted on 02/02/2012 14:59:49CET

MADRID, February 12 (EUROPE PRESS) –

One in three women develops from the age of 35 uterine fibers, a series of benign tumors located inside the uterine wall, on the outside or between the uterine muscles, as highlighted by gynecologists during a meeting organized by the drug company Gedeon Richter.

The existence of uterine fibers "should not worry" according to these specialists, but it is important to make periodic reviews to detect them, see their evolution, and check the possible symptoms that may occur. This is a common pathology that is often not diagnosed as many are considering pain and bleeding as a normal part of being a woman and not going to the doctor for help.

"The elderly who are more likely to have fibroids have also been a very clear relationship with black women, and then there are some family genetics. When there are no symptoms, it is not necessary to treat them only when symptoms such as bleeding arises, pain or fertility problems arise first considering possible medical treatments, the more conservative we are, the better we try to avoid operations as much as possible, "describes the head of Gynecology and Obstetrics Service at Sanitas La Zarzuela Hospital, Ignacio Cristóbal.

Age is one of the predominant factors when talking about uterine fibers. While in many cases they can go completely unnoticed and do not cause symptoms, they otherwise significantly affect the quality of life of women, causing heavy bleeding, abdominal pain and fertility problems.

Its causes are unknown, although according to these experts may be related to hereditary aspects or hormonal problems. Therefore, they usually do not appear before 20 or after 55 years when the woman is at menopause, and the hormone level decreases.

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