Tuesday , November 24 2020

Pancho Saavedra star in another dirty bug in "Lugares que hablan"

Last Saturday, a new episode of Canal 13's hit program, "Lugares que Hablan", was sent, where his driver, Francisco Saavedra, once again committed a "disgusting" snap.

The section of this new season averaged 11.4 points and marked a maximum of 13 rating points, with the success he was accustomed to being. And also the accident with Pancho Saavedra.

Driver's team traveled to the island of Tac, in the Chauques archipelago, away from mainland Chiloé.

His timely visit was marked by a "minga" who is moving a house from one place to another by the sea. During the episode, however, Saavedra suffered an unfortunate accident.

While visiting the house of the person they would give it, Pancho floor a large amount of animal excrement. His reaction was his characteristic laughter, then to make sure that "step poop is good luck."

Then it was the same person who shared the post through his Twitter account, accompanied by the following text: "No chascarro is not a chapter of #Lugares QueAblan."

Here you can watch the funny video:

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