Wednesday , November 25 2020

R7 vs INF: The product is not suitable for cardiac patients

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The last meeting of the week number nine was consolidated for many, as the best in the week. It was close, exciting and with very few errors for both squads. Rainbow7 and Infinity esports are located in the highest part of the rankings and this match could easily have been a game worth the finals.

The high level showed that any small mechanical defect could define the winner, and thanks to a questionable positioning of Rainbow7, the incredible damage in the Infinity area and rapid communication and coordination of the team gave the triumph infinity, ensuring their first place in another week.

The last team struggle deserves a thorough analysis in which Relics' final, by Kennen, along with Lissandra's passive and Kalista's positioning was crucial to achieve the triumph.

The game's MVP was Renyu.

Publisher: esports / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage

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