Monday , January 25 2021

Rafael Cavada and José Antonio Cast star in intense debate on social networks on immigration | TV and show

The journalist Rafael Cavada and the former deputy José Antonio Throw They conducted an intense discussion through social networks, after Chile refused to integrate the UN's migration pact.

It all began after the panelist morning of Chilevisión He announced about his social network that he had added to his biography on Twitter "that I am the son of an immigrant. And I am very proud of it." The above, compared to the Charrúa blood flowing through his blood vessels ( his mother is Uruguayan).

His publication generated several comments, being the former parliamentarian, one of those responding to the same platform.

"I wish you were worried about the thousands of illegal immigrants who entered the country for the last 4 years. Trafficked and exploited by organized criminal gangs living in terrible conditions in Chile"wrote throw.

Soon the reporter responded to the message and confirmed that his attachment was humanitarian and political. "It's pretty narrow to believe that they are exclusive. His humanitarian is nothing," he said.

The politician did not hesitate to answer, asks Cavada if he knew the informal Nurseries in Independencia.

"Where children of illegal immigrants live all day in regrettable conditions while their parents work from dawn to sunset? Have you ever been there? I do. It is inhuman and the former government did nothing to prevent it ", tweeted him.

Not only because he also qualified the communication profession as an "opportunist".

"You are a communicator and you have a media platform. For 4 years you have chosen not to push the government to do anything. Today you use it to criticize the only government that worried about immigrants' human rights," he said.

"I criticized countless times on the radio in the two programs where I participate. Be a little stricter or less a liar"answered Raphael.

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