Tuesday , November 24 2020

Reinaldo Rueda and Marcelo Días & # 39; return to La Roja: "We've spoken and there's nothing personal to him"

New chapter in novel about the presence of Marcelo Díaz in the Chilean national team. Reinaldo Rueda, technician of La Roja, was interviewed exclusively by Channel 13 And in the conversation, he dealt with topics such as Career's presence on everyone's team.

"In the case of Marcelo, he had a transition between Mexico and Argentina, we talked to Marcelo when he was in Mexico, and I knew he had problems there, and I had the opportunity to strengthen players like Eric Pulgar and Lorenzo Reyes, but it was nothing personal "said the coach in a course of the interview.

"I know Marcelo, we had him as a rival many times, always considering his ability, technique, vision, there is nothing that pushes for good or bad," Rueda said.

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