Friday , December 4 2020

Respawn would ban hardware cheating in Apex Legends

Apex Legends, the Battle Royale of Respawn Entertainmente based on the universe of Titan FallFrom the start, it was very popular thanks to the influence that gave rise to the launch, as well as its good mechanical decisions, which would improve the players' experience, which even Fortnite added in the last time. Such popularity, like any other, led him to "fill up" with people trying to cheat in the game using third-party applications.

According to the same respawna few days ago I would have published a report that reported that more than 355,000 accounts would have been banned from Apex Legends, they have even called the fraudsters' problem as a "war", where they will try to improve their protection systems and, in order to identify offenders easier, in fact there will soon be a feature that allows users to report to who uses aimbot or similar

Some will think "Apex Legends is a free game, it would be enough to create a new account in Origin and play quiet again and continue to use aimbot ", it seems respawn has gone down a path with almost total cleansing.

Following the announcement of the 355,000 banned users of the free game Royale began to report on people affected by these measures, according to them respawn would have taken the step that Blizzard resorts quite often, which would be similar to banning permanent player hardware, so when trying to create a new account and enter Apex Legends, the game client would notify them with a warning that this account would be banned after 30 minutes.

The funny thing about all this is that in forums where this type of software is shared (aimbots, wallhacks and others), more angry users have come, not with respawn to ban their computers permanently, if not for those who create these programs, as one of the things they say to promote themselves is that they are undetectable and they ask for between $ 60 and $ 150 USD. Now the only solution for them will be to change each piece of the affected PC. Hopefully this will at least reduce the number of players cheating through Apex Legends.

There has not yet been an official response if this happens directly, but in its previous version the Community Head is Apex LegendsHe made it clear that many of his anti-cheat tactics would keep them secret, and perhaps this is one of them.

Apex Legends is available and is free on platforms Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC

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