Sunday , January 24 2021

Rolling Stone magazine classified Bad Bunny as "The King of Latin Pop" | community

The magazine Rolling Stone qualified with four stars the first album of Bad Bunny, titled X100PRE, the one released last week.

"It's a healthy moment for Latin pop, the great artists, a group that includes J Balvin, Rosalia and Ozuna, They launch massive global successes while elaborating on thorough, watched and genre albums, "says the first part of the review.

"These singers are versatile in a way that makes many Anglo-Saxon artists monochromatic and makes versatility not only stylish but important for vital art. Bad Bunny captured the singles game with ease. in X100PRE, he consolidates his place among the elite in Latin pop, and in pop music in general, "they add.

In addition, the blade refers to the trap star as "The King of Latin Pop" and they assure that "the eclectic taste of Bad Bunny is one of the most important factors that has caused its growth, not to mention its sense of fashion through which has pushed the boundaries of male expressions in the Latin urban world by combining t-shirts and shorts with floral patterns, earrings, cat-style glasses and painted nails ".

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