Sunday , January 17 2021

Route 5 North was 18 hours of paralyzed traffic

The short, but heavy rains in the northern part of the country have not only left damaged, damaged and protected houses. Roadblocks have also been part of the scenario of the last days in the regions Arica and Parinacota, Antofagasta and Tarapacá.

One of the most serious was seen on Route 5 North, between Iquique and Arica, where the authority had to close the road in the Chiza sector. The images of large and rigid tacos in the sector were part of the scenario. "I was about four hours trying to get through," said Diego Cardemil (49), who traveled to Arica for a vacation.

Cardemil, however, was lower as opposed to what other motorists had to live, as the route was closed between 22 hours on Saturday and 16 on Sunday, thus fulfilling 18 hours of absolutely paralyzed transit product of weather.

The reason? The route collapsed in the Chiza sector because "it is a place where water in the canyons and rivers rose a lot and covered," said President Sebastián Piñera, who traveled to the area in the morning. .

The Ministry of Public Works, Juan Andrés Fontaine, reported that "a pedra plane was activated each time the water goes down and allows passage for certain hours. climb the river if it still rains in the mountain range. "

MOP has been working since Friday to build a mechanical bridge to provide greater ground stability, to be installed on Tuesday. "It is an emergency solution, but practical, and it will work continuously," Fontaine said.
Diego Cardemil took eight hours to make a trip, which is usually four, as the traffic was also paralyzed in Cuya and at the entrance to Arica in the Acha Gorge.

From the MOP, they reported that 70 buses already this afternoon had already started their trips from Arica to the south. In addition, the route in Cuya and Chaza would be closed again due to the risk of increasing the flow.

Regarding the Cadastre's cadastre occurred during the emergency, the National Emergency Office (Onemi) was estimated tonight at 570 people accommodated and in nearly 3,000 homes with some form of serious or minor injury.

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