Saturday , January 23 2021

Sales of iPhone fall in 2019 according to these forecasts

2019 could be a difficult year for Apple if the data revealed by these reports and iPhone sales forecasts are confirmed.

appleIn recent weeks we have witnessed how Apple shares They have lost value. The reason lies in the weak demand that new iPhone models launched by the apple company in the fall.

A situation that has not been unnoticed for investors who await the arrival of 2019 with some caution.

This photograph has been analyzed by analyst Nomura Group, an expert in the mobile device sector in China. Your conclusion about the future of apple It is clear: There will be no major changes in iPhone design.

A worrying forecast as it would break the cycle of Apple's two-year change. A non-written covenant, which can be seen by consumers, appreciates significant changes in the iPhone presented to the market every two years.

Nomura notes in its report that the echoes in Barronsthat the design variations of the next Apple smartphones will be very few. Hardly noticeable.

The news would come in the technologies that would incorporate as magnified reality.

The report shows that in the light of this future situation, iPhone sales fall in fiscal year 2019 up to $ 204 million from the $ 213 million reported in 2018.

If this trend continues in 2020, revenue from iPhone sales they would be in the 200 million dollars.

"We believe that 2019 may be the year in which iPhone uses the last time the design architecture of iPhone X" is included in the report.

The future would go through one necessary adaptation to 5G technology It would provide much faster transmission speeds and new applications.

Morgan Stanley also predicted last Friday, December 7, a fall in iPhone sales in the Chinese market. Katy Huberty, responsible for the device's report, makes it clear that Chinese consumers will keep their iPhones longer before updating to new models.

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