Wednesday , August 4 2021

Samsung refers to Sernac ranking, leaving them as "mark with more requirements"

A volume problem.

Yesterday we shared a report from Sernac, who left Samsung, Sony and Apple, who most complain about their phones.

As we clarify when we share the report, Samsung and Apple at sales volumes are usually the ones with most requirements.

We ask for a declaration of trademarks about this in order to know what attitude they take in this respect.

We leave the declaration in its entirety:

Samsung is labeled with the highest number of mobile phones in the Chilean market, and we continuously work to meet our users' demands and daily needs with the latest technology and innovation.

In relation to this reality and the figures in the press release from SERNAC dated 20 December 2018, it is worth mentioning that Samsung of the three brands mentioned in the opinion has the lowest percentage of claims in relation to the units sold each notice the Chilean market * during the same period of the SERNAC survey.

On the other hand, it is important for our company to offer the best experience because we have an exclusive Samsung customer service with a response time of 48 hours maximum for mobile devices. This personalized service, called Smart Service, unique to the Chilean sector, considers a network of 34 authorized technical service centers from Arica to Punta Arenas, in addition to 13 Samsung specialized service after-sales service. In addition, we have phone support and via Chat, both services that placed Samsung in ICREO 2018 Ranking as the most reliable technology brand for Chileans.

Customer satisfaction translates into loyalty and credibility for the brand and benefits both parties. In Samsung, the consumption path and after sales experience, support and technical attention are beyond and will be an added advantage in purchasing products of the brand. Similarly, we are proud to offer high quality products and services.

* Source: GFK

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