Tuesday , August 3 2021

Samuel seeks separation of Raquel in "hidden truths"

The Hidden Truth's telescope is the best, and it was shown in the last broadcast Tuesday, when viewers were surprised by the unexpected decision by Samuel in front of his marriage to Angelica.

"I came to this therapy because I want a good relationship with the woman who has been my wife for 20 years, mother of my daughter and who will be, God willing, grandmother for our grandchildren. We still have a long way to go together, it is because of everything I want to move forward in the best way divorce ", the businessman's words in the marriage were therapy he attended with Angelica.

Unlike Samuel's drastic decision, the woman was shocked when the idea of ​​taking part in the treatment was to consolidate their marriage, and so did her daughter who had left after learning about the kiss between Angelica and Francesco.

People in the series were not the only ones confused by Samuel's drastic decision, but the viewers would also comment on what happened.

Here we leave some of the comments circulating on social networks.

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