Wednesday , August 4 2021

Seasoned with her mother at a pedestrian crossing in Cerrillos

one unfortunate accident It happened during the afternoon of this Wednesday at the intersection of the streets Pedro Aguirre Cerda with Mirador, in the municipality of Cerrillos.

A truck hit the back of an interurban bus that was stopped by the red light. Product of battle, The bus went on and ended up taking a mother who crossed with her 3-year-old son.

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Due to the damage caused by this accident, minors lost their lives. Meanwhile, her mother was shaken at the El Carmen hospital.

As indicated by carabineros, The driver of the truck would have been faster to get to the junction. When he failed to slow down, he preferred to hit the microphone behind. But the shock caused a tragedy.

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The driver was stopped and on Thursday it will be formalized for crime of murder crime.

Witnesses and neighbors in this sector regularly secure itCars travel at high speed on this street.

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