Tuesday , January 19 2021

Second femicid of the year originated in Rancagua: aggressor confessed hours after beating his partner national

Tuesday, the first femicide in 2019 in the country was registered in Puerto Montt. Thus, the second crime of these characteristics was presented in Rancagua, supposedly during the same day that was the same day the first to mark the year in the Higgins region.

The murder occurred in the sector Forests in San Francisco, in the same municipality. The victim Sandra Pozo was 49 years old and had three children in common with his aggressor (among these, a minor) who was not at home at the time of the crime.

The study began then The sacrifice maker recognized that fact, this morning, before Rancagua's first police station, the public prosecutor was informed.

Thus, prosecutor Lorena Morales, who specialized in crimes of intrafamilies (VIF), ordered that the Homicide Brigade (BH) of the PDI made the first tests.

The victim was found on the second floor, especially in his bedroom with three cuts in the chest area, made with a knife that was seized, according to Morales.

The first record indicates it There were no previous complaints from the KIC and that the aggressor's motivation would have been jealous. Commissioner Juan Reyes, head of BH, stated that a note from the offender was a statement of adultery on the part of the woman, which was also to be investigated.

The accused He was arrested by Carabineros and this Friday will be made available to the Prosecutor to be formalized and waiting for stabilization after self-inflicted injuries.

investigation police
investigation police

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