Friday , December 4 2020

Selfie Registers Kidney Problem | spark

Selfie detects kidney problems; It turns out that a company of Israeli origin has devised a urine screening test for kidney disease using a smartphone camera. This kind of test could detect early risk of suffering from kidney disease, as easily as a selfie. is the company responsible for performing these types of tests, the results are sent directly to the doctors from home, which could be reflected in savings of important resources and what is better; in preventing millions of people from suffering from diseases of the urinary tract and kidney complications.

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The use of this type of test received the positive approval from the Food and Drug Administration, along with private investors raised the amount of $ 18 million that will be targeted to project the urine analysis kit with smart phones.

The company intends to conduct urine samples in the home to integrate with global standards of care and seeks to expand its presence in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Operation of urine at home test. Photo:

How it works

The user places the urine in a container and then takes a picture of it. The intelligent system developed by measures 10 parameters created in a "colored bar" where a variety of infections, chronic diseases and complications related to pregnancy

The company has improved the computerized vision algorithms to avoid the lighting conditions and type of camera on the smartphone giving an inaccurate result.

After the analysis, the data is sent to the doctor who integrates it into a patient's file.

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