Thursday , January 21 2021

Sister of Demi Lovato criticized those who call the singer fat: "She is the most beautiful person" | TV and show

"Do you know what? I will say something else to all the regular portals that call my fat sister." With these words, Dallas Lovato, sister of the American singer Demi Lovato, started a video in which he strongly defended his family member.

Ex-Disney has not had easy months. On July 24 she suffered an overdose of drugs that had her on the verge of death and with a subsequent rehabilitation.

In fact, just returned to Instagram on November 7th with a publication calling his more than 70 million followers to participate in the US law.

And despite the fact that the actor seemed to have overcome the emotional problems, there were those who noted an alleged "wall problem", a situation that was taken by some media.

That is why the Dallas Declaration, which used one live of Instagram to launch against those who continue to criticize Demi.

"Go fuck yourself because she is the most beautiful person, strong and amazing, as I have known throughout my life. And to all those who use my sister's body as a subject of conversation, you have to fuck yourself, "said the sister.

"I feel that my sister is beautiful, is alive and conquers a lot of super hard shits," he said.

The video was taken by a fan account by Demi Lovato on Twitter, where she has more than 300 retweets and about a thousand "likes".

In its latest Instagram publication, three days ago, the American singer thanked her followers for making her more than a billion reproductions in Spotify

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