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Solowrestling presents the WWE 2018 Awards presents a new version of WWE Awardswhere we make a general assessment of the year's best separated by categories. On this occasion, we wanted to place greater emphasis on our specialist's personal opinion, in addition to continuing to count on our readers opinion. WWE prices have been managed by Sebastián Martínez, using the writing team. Regarding the decision to point out the winners, we have taken into account all possible factors: those that are part of kayfabe and those who are part of a personal perception, as well as the use of statistical data. Without further delay we will leave you with the WWE 2018 Awards.

Best Female WWE Superstar (Employee Price)

For the first time in the WWE story, women have played a more important role than men, and this has been staged in the last months of 2018, when the company has made its female superstars the center of attention. Although there are 3 or 4 fighters who could take the first place, Ronda Rousey has been this year's most important superstar, the one who has been in the best matches, the one who has been the center of attention for the longest time, and who has become The world's largest requirement internationally. Becky Lynch has been the dominant woman in this final phase of the year, but failed to stand out until September. Charlotte Flair has been in all the best matches of the year; She managed to defend her WrestleMania title against Asuka, thus ending the Japanese wrestler's streak, and she participated in Evolution, Survivor Series and TLC games, three of the year's best. The decision has not been easy, but Ronda Rousey has to take the price.

Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch (SmackDown)

He has been WWE's best superstar in 2018 over the past couple of months, but his first half of the year was not that bright.


Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair (SmackDown)

She has been in all the best women's matches in the year 2018 and has been the longest running SmackDown * champion.


Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey (RAW)

He has played in storylines More importantly, has been the longest running founder, has had great fights and has been the most media fighter.


Best Female WWE Superstar (Readers Award)

First Becky Lynch: 65.66% of the votes
2. Ronda Rousey: 17.52%
3. Charlotte Flair: 13.04%

Best female Superstar in 2017

First Alexa Bliss: 42.37% of votes
2. Charlotte Flair: 28.71%
3. Asuka: 18.17%

Best male WWE superstar (employee award)

2018 has been a very bad year for WWE's male divisions who have lacked good stories. On the ring, most superstars have looked good, but have not known how to connect with the public. There has not been a fighter who has been beyond the rest, which has made this category very difficult to analyze. Many users have claimed the presence of Daniel Bryan in this list, but the truth is that with him has happened as the majority; It has been there, but it has not stood out. his turn heel It has opened a new phase in its career, and I am sure that in 2019 will be one of the best, no doubt. For my three finalists, Seth Rollins has been to me for the rest of his spirit; He has been well connected to the public, has been in the most interesting stories, has good governments and has played in the best matches. AJ Styles Yes, it has had a record government, but that does not mean it has not been boring so much that women have taken the helm of SmackDown Live. Roman governments were & # 39; man & # 39; historyOf the year again, and could have been the winner of this release, but his departure makes it impossible to get the first place due to a long absence.

Roman governments

Roman governments (raw)

He has been the focus of Monday Night Raw and has been in the star events until his departure.


AJ Styles

AJ Styles (SmackDown)

He has been champion of champions, but his storylines They have lacked feelings.


Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins (RAW)

He has been the Monday Night Raws war horse & # 39; for much of the year, a good master and a leader in the ring.


Best Male WWE Superstar (Readers Award)

First AJ Styles: 50.37% of votes
2. Seth Rollins: 33.19%
3. Roman Judges: 8.78%

Best Male Superstar in 2017

First AJ Styles: 54.76% of votes
2. Strowman Braun: 20.04%
3. Roman Governments: 10.92%

Best Tag Team of WWE (Staff Price)

In this category I have experienced the same problem as in the category "Best male superstar of the year". No one has gone beyond the rest. We have witnessed great battles, but it has storylines They have become decaffeinated. The Bludgeon brothers, the B team and The Deleters of Worlds brought us something different, but with the exception of the first, comic touch was not permanent and was diluted with time. Therefore, teams like The New Day and The Bar have been superior and have been very much in the internal vote, even taking into account Usos, who has been in most of this year's most important matches, but who has not been able to win the championship .

Bludgeon Brothers (Harper and Rowan)

They have been the longest residence of the year and invincible until Rowan's injury. In addition, his characters came in to divide the pair.


The new day (Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods)

They managed to become the longest-lived team in the form of combined championships, and they marked the best matches of the year.


Bar (Cesaro and Sheamus)

They have been champions of Raw and SmackDown, they have looked good when they have the opportunity and continue to lead the division of couples.


Best Tag Team in WWE (Readers Award) *

First The bar: 50.2% of the votes
2. Applications: 21.72%
3. The new day: 12.81%

Best Tag Team in 2017

First The bar: 41.47% of the votes
2. Applications: 34.6%
3. The Shield (Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins): 9.5%

Superstar who has improved most in WWE (employee price)

I am pleased to announce the prices in this category, but I have to say that WWE has done a good job of improving some talents. It is true it has been a year missing in big storylinesBut the improved superstars will star in the best stories in the years to come. In this list I could mention Nia Jax, Ronda Rousey, Buddy Murphy or Lio Rush, but I have chosen Carmella, Baron Corbin and Becky Lynch. Carmella won the money in the bank last year, but her status as "Diva" has changed over the months, especially as a result of Evolution. And before that, she ruled 131 days as the SmackDown champion. Baron Corbin has experienced the most radical change. Perhaps he is not as feared as before, but now he is one of Raw's biggest protagosnistas. But if anyone has gone beyond the rest in terms of improvement, it has been Becky Lynch who has gone from being the great forgotten to the center of the WWE Universe's attention. And not only has his character improved, but his struggles are much more consistent now.

Roman governments

Carmella (SmackDown)

She was SmackDown for several months and has gone from being a despised girl to a superstar loved by the public.


Baron Corbin

Baron corbin (raw)

His character has undergone a radical change that has made him become one of Raw's most important figures.


Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch (SmackDown)

It's improved in every aspect with its turn heel and has become the best character of the moment.


Superstar who has improved the most in WWE (Readers Award) *

First Becky Lynch: 47.51% of votes
2. Ronda Rousey: 39.25% **
3. Carmella: 39.25%

Superstar who improved most in 2017

First Braun Strowman: 61.73% of votes
2. Jinder Mahal: 12.21%
3. Neville: 11.58%

This year's best match in WWE (employee award)

Although WWE has had a big problem with the stories, the duels have been well resolved, and I think we have had a better fight this year than in 2017, especially with the inclusion of women in this section. The battle between Asuka and Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania could have taken the first place because it had everything: the title of games, a dash of games and a tremendous quality. However, the battle between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair was more profound because of the transformation of Irish and what that struggle meant. Evolution was a remarkable event, and all its protagonists were at a good level, but the atmosphere of the show completely changed with the presence of the two superstars in SmackDown. On the other hand, I specifically wanted to mention the team match between Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre against Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, held in Hell in a Cell, one of this year's undervalued battles that had an incredible pace.

Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose (Hell in a Cell)

It had an incredible intensity and an unexpected ending.


Charlotte Flair vs Asuka (WrestleMania 34)

Excellent match with a title and a dash of play.


Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair (Evolution)

It was the bridge to the final transformation of women's division into WWE.


This year's best match in WWE (Readers Award) *

First Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair (Evolution): 40.79% of votes
2. Gauntlet Match (Raw, February 19): 21.42%
3. AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan (SmackDown October 30): 10.05%

This year's best match 2017

First AJ Styles vs. John Cena (Royal Rumble): 36.27% of votes
2. Braun Strowman vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Roman rulers vs. Samoa Joe (SummerSlam 2017): 17.27%
3. AJ Styles vs. Find Pellets (TLC): 14.97%

This year's best event in WWE (employee award)

It's definitely the category that generates more controversy, but I think this winning show has this year's surprise. But first I have to say that WWE has had remarkable shows in 2018, many very stable shows like Survivor Series, TLC or Money in The Bank. This positive trend came down with the celebration of shows like Super Show-Down or Crown Jewel. Hell in a cell was a cool show that aroused many people's interest – I know the data I have -. He had wild fights, very interesting spots, one of the best matches of the year and a stellar event that included the unexpected appearance of Brock Lesnar. For me, Evolution was not this year's event because it had this year's battle, but it was a very over-protected show, where everything should be fine in the public eye, but most of the matches did not reach the remarkable, and the set design was very poor . WrestleMania did not have its best edition, but it had many interesting things, such as Ronda Rouse's debut, Daniel Bryan's return to the ring, the big battle for the SmackDown Women & # 39; s Championship and the most important event we were surprised at to learn the result

WrestleMania 34

It wasn't the best WrestleMania in history, but it was quite entertaining.


WWE Evolution

A show full of emotions that had an excellent match, but it was overprotected.


WWE hell in a cell

Good start, good matches, good turns and a surprising ending.


This year's best event in WWE (Readers Award) *

First WWE Evolution: 39.58% of the votes
2. WrestleMania 34: 21.92%
3. Royal Rumble: 21.78%

Best WWE event in 2017

First Wrestlemania 33: 35.01% of the votes
2. Summer sludge: 18.16%
3. Elimination chamber: 17.61%

Most Impressive News in WWE (Employee Price)

I will not turn this section into something light and frightening, but the news of Roman governments is one of those who leave your body frozen. Daniel Bryan's return was somewhat magical but lacking, and this was due to the way WWE decided to sell the news. They could have done it in a show and give the surprise, or in a PPV. WWE used a conventional medium before Daniel Bryan himself explained it in his own words, and it took away the magic he deserved. On the other hand, the Roman regimes were an unexpected and full news, therefore it is the most shocking. Bruno Sammartino has been one of the greatest superstars ever, but his age and his recent access to the hospital did not make the news so surprising. Undoubtedly, and coinciding with most readers, I am back with the news of Roman governments.

Bruno Sammartino

Bruno Sammartino dies

On April 18, 2018, we were one of the largest at the age of 82 years.


Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan is discharged to compete again

The positive news of the year no doubt. It gave us not only joy but also hope for many people.


Roman governments

Roman governments leave because of leukemia

It's the year's most negative news, even though it doesn't rule out that "The Big Dog" may come back to the WWE ring in the future.


Most Shocking News in WWE (Reader's Award) *

First Roman governments announce their departure due to leukemia: 75.58% of the votes
2. Daniel Bryan receives medical discharge: 15.14%
3. Shawn Michaels Retires / Paige Announces Retirement in the Wrestling World: 4.2% ***

Best moment for WWE (employee award)

This year, we have decided to separate the categories "Best moment" and "Most shocking news", possibly because there have been highlights in 2018. Above all, I am back with the Becky Lynch bleeding on top of the Monday Night Raw Pavilion after SmackDown invaded the red show and Nia Jax left her knocked out with a blow. Lynch perseverance and continued his role, leaving us a picture that will go down in history to be as wild as it touches. Special mention of the confrontation between Batista and Triple H in SmackDown 1000, which opened the doors to a final battle between both. Regarding the third option, there has been a great deal of opinion, but we highlight the exchange of Alexa Bliss in money in the bank for how well it was executed.

Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss redeems the money in the bank's portrait

Fresh and unexpected, but not for everyone. She extended Ronda Rousey's pain to being a master without losing her untreated stripe.



Careo between Batista and Triple H in SmackDown 1000

The words, reaction and construction of Batista promo on Triple H is the formula that WWE needs today to create good stories.


Becky Lynch

Beck Lynch leaves Monday evening Raw bleeding

Although the battle took her away from the ring because of damage to her best, the scene marked the final change in the new era of women in WWE.


Best moment in WWE (Readers Award)

First Becky Lynch leaves raw bleeding through the nose (Raw November 12): 46.12% of votes
2. Rey Mysterio's return in Royal Rumble Match: 16.96%
3. Careo between Batista and Triple H in SmackDown 1000: 10.44%

Best time in WWE in 2017

First Return of Hardy Boyz in Wrestlemania 33 (49.29%)
2. The undertakers return to Wrestlemania (26.95%)
3. Kevin Owens leads the test by Vince McMahon (7.23%)

* Carmella has been the longest running SmackDown champion in the form of exhaust in 2018 months.

** Baron Corbin replaced Ronda Rousey in our final list, but we did not change it in the vote, so readers have not been able to vote for him.

*** Voting.

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