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Stan Lee lived the last dark days in violation of his real villains


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People close to the legend of Marvel, Stan Lee, has revealed how the 95-year-old died with a broken heart and lived his "dark days" after his wife's death.

Stan's wife, Joan Lee, however, also at the age of 95, July 6, 2017, who left her husband, her soul mate, in a complete disaster and in a black spot, according to the closest comic characters, reported Daily Mail.

According to the podcast, "Scandal: The World of Stan Lee: his battle in real life with heroes and villains, "Lee was absorbed by the situation that saw him surrounded by a swirling door of" grippers and snakes "before he died alone.

The podcast, compiled by CNN's veteran entertainment reporter Alan Duke, who was a close friend of Lee and witnessed much of his life, presented a series of revealing sounds of Lee himself and interviewed with his inner circle.

Duke told DailyMailTV that he had originally worked on a podcast called "Saving." Stan Lee: A time for heroes "before the legend died. Since Marvel's creator's tragic death, he had to change things.

"The worst thing that has happened in the world of Stan Lee That's when Joan died when he lost his wife. She was his patron, his closest advisor, she was his love and he really did not want to continue after this, "said Duke.

"I want people to handle what happened to Stan, what happened in the world Stan Lee In recent years, there has been some story in the game of thrones, with the characters and with the efforts. And although we did not have bloodshed, we actually had some rather epic blow inside. Stan's life changed after his wife Joan, all chaos last year, which hurt me a lot, "he added.

Duke says he has "lots" of material, videos and sounds of Stan's own words, pictures and stories told by witnesses that help the fans to understand what's happening in Lee's world

Max Anderson, the former head of Lee Career, told Duke: "I knew it would happen one day … this made me lose control."

"In recent years, I used him as much as possible and especially when his wife died, I was there almost every day with him from early morning till late night to see a man lose his partner for 70 years. Never imagine you understands being painful, very painful, and I tried to do everything to keep it standing and sometimes it worked and sometimes I had to cry. It lost its will to live, all that was it was with Joanie, he said.

Anderson said Lee was devastated when she died and would desperately be with her.

"It just did not make sense, I did not want to do anything else, it was all about her," he said.

"What kept him, were his fans, they really made a difference in him, they fed him with the energy he needed, the lack of love he did not have from Joan, he got it from the fans. That was what kept him alive continuously. "

Anderson saw Lee last time in February this year after a dispute between Lee Leader ended with him and Lee's lawyer Tom Lallas, and he was escorted from his property.

"Lee was close to strangers," he said.

Anderson says the new people who were near Lee tried to disconnect him from the world.

"I did not know how to call people, I did not know how to drive," he said.

"It's a boring day for the world, but I'm glad he's with his wife," he said.

Another close friend and adviser to Lee, the businessman Keya Morgan, a former New York souvenir dealer, tells Duke that Lee was desperate to go with Joan in heaven.

"I only know that he repeatedly repeated how much he wanted to see his lovely wife Joan and how he was waiting for him. He actually said he might have a boyfriend there so he can hurry and get in. He always joked."

Morgan says that although Lee had a very hard life at the end because of all the vultures and snakes in his life, he never lost his humor.

"I'm very grateful to know him and I just hope he is in heaven with Joan and that they have tea and laugh and dance, I miss him forever."

Duke also spoke with Lee's former business and asset manager Brad Herman and Peter Paul, one of Lee's former business leaders in the 1990s.

Paul said, "Undoubtedly there was a link between the two (Lee and his wife) who were completely unique and his confidence in her was profound, the influence on him was profound, his emotional and intellectual support to risk doing what he wanted to do When it comes to writing characters and stories that meant something, made a difference. "

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