Tuesday , January 19 2021

Strong wind forces threaten to spread fires in the southern central area

Forest fires in the southern central zone of the country have not given up. During this week, they could even intensify due to the forecast of wind with intensities up to 40 km / h.

The conditions are due to an "aggressive climate", explains the agro-climatologist at Talca University, Patricio González. "From February 11 to February 15 we will be with this crosswind coming down the Andean mountain range, compressing it to the ground and raising the maximum temperature to 35 or 36 ° C, causing the descent of relative humidity at 25%. This will create a high vulnerability from Rancagua to Temuco. "

In Coquimbo, President Sebastian Piñera expressed concern over the scenario: "We knew that summer would be hot, but we didn't think much. But we are fighting them with planes, helicopters, brigades, volunteers and Conaf."

The Minister of Agriculture, Antonio Walker, urged the citizens to prevent these accidents and noted that "any source of heat that generates a fire can spread rapidly as a result of the wind."

With regard to the current situation, Hugo Castillo, the National Forest Fire Control of Conaf, reported that until this afternoon there were 101 forest fires in the country, 23 of which were active, 56 were controlled and 14 were extinct.

Since July 1 this year and to date, 41,348 hectares have been consumed, 48% more than in the previous period.

Regardless of forest fires, another incident occurred in Panguipulli, the Los Ríos region.

The fire, which left at least three people injured, hit at least ten houses and two restaurants located in the center of the city. Firefighters arrived at the site and also an army helicopter who managed to control the incident around 18.30.

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