Friday , January 15 2021

Teaches user Thanos statement to warn his students during a test | present

There is nothing left for the goats to go on holiday, that is, the time for the feared / overcoming final exams, cases where both students and teachers meet for the last time in front of the test.

And take advantage of the fact that they are the last moments, some give themselves the "freedom" to be fun and brilliant. So it happened with a professor whose final test of English became viral after turning to Thanos, the villain "Avengers: Infinity War", to "scare" / "motivate" their students.

"To be peace and balance in the course, half must fail," he says at the end of the test next to the drawing of the crazy titan of the Marvel universe that eliminated half the population from the universe in the last part of the saga.

Together with the "threat", the teacher encouraged his students to show Thanos that they are worthy of continuing to "live" by getting a good grade on the test.

The message in the test took more smile on social networks and among the followers of Marvel Avengers, who did not hesitate to respond to the teacher's creativity with some sentences referring to the film.

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