Saturday , November 28 2020

The catastrophic news that plagued Coté López

On Sunday, María José López gave a sad news that they, along with their family, have a state of grief and indignation.

The wife of Luis "Mago" Jiménez shared a story through his Instagram account, telling how a neighbor of condominium where he lives ran over his puppy Milo.

The most annoyed of the model was that the subject informed the news via a text message and also took the dog and left it at the door of his house, "so his children would not see it," he said. .

"We are destroyed as a family yesterday, we received the terrible news that my neighbor ran over our beloved milo, I can't believe there are so bad people without values ​​without feelings …", he began to comment .

"This character sent us a TEXT PAYMENT to tell us that he hit him unintentionally & that he left him at the door of our house so that his children would not see him. What kind of person does that?" kind of monster! He takes it away for his kids okay! and our? !! for my kids Milo was his brother his best friend of all, my children must do nothing! Let it be thrown into the ground! "he said.

Instagram Cote López

But his message did not end there, and then he attacked with great irritation on this subject.

"Don't even come to give us an explanation on the face, ask if we need something, sorry?" I can't express what I feel. But God from the above judges and I never hope to see him look at this HDP pq I have no other word to call him and instead of thinking that his children will see a puppy … I should think and be ashamed over that they have such a shitty father! It is inhumane what he did! "He assured him.

Finally, some screens that reveal the harsh treatment that neighbors have with those living in condominiums shared animals that someone wrote "you already know what to do with them".

"He left them in the chat room of the condominium, so do these" people "speak of the dogs. PS: resting milo you are already with Vito playing in the sky, we will miss you ALWAYS ?", Cote López regretted.

Here you can see the catches he shared, where his neighbors provide a curious agreement with animals:

Instagram Cote López

Instagram Cote López

Instagram Cote López

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