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The cruel truth about why HIV rose in Chile

Chronological data on how conservatism has boycotted all prevention and education campaigns for 15 years and today we have among the 10 countries in the world with the highest increase in infected people.


The problem with HIV in Chile escalated so dramatically in recent years that the incidence and transmission figures are even higher than those presented in Africa (continent historically influenced by the pandemic).

Cases have increased by 96%, and experts recognize the government's inability to stop the situation on time.

"HIV-AIDS is completely out of control in Chile and as a country we have reached the bottom," said Immigrant Alejandro Afani in an interview with Biobiochile.

He also expressed concern about the nearly 40,000 people who do not know his condition of carriers with projections, even reaching up to 100 thousand people.

As if it was not enough and in the midst of urgent need for the question, head of the HIV / AIDS department, Ana María San Martín, presented his departure to the position this month for reasons unknown, even though they point to the slight speed that the person in charge had to carry out mitigation and preventive measures on time.

The reasons for the country to reach these alarming figures – where the majority of the respondents correspond to people between the ages of 19 and 25 – vary, but we can not ignore the decades where conservatism in Chile was against sexuality prevention and education campaigns that they have attempted to convey cross-cutting to the population. The results against this censorship are catastrophic and have led to our country facing epidemic HIV.

Only in the middle of this year, Minsal confirmed 3000 new cases of the disease, and it is expected that the number – in the best possible scenario – reaches more than 7 thousand people.

While countries such as Colombia, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Uruguay fell cases by more than 20% between 2010 and 2016, Chile increased 34% according to a La Tercera report.

Here we tell you about the events chronologically:

The Catholic Catholic Church, especially the pastor Fernando Chomalí (also a physician in bioethics) was spoken against the HIV Prevention Office in 2003 to include homosexual and other practices that the Union regards as hedonistas. Finally, neither Channel 13, UCTV and Megavisión broadcast the campaign.

In 2004, the Independent Democratic Union (UDI) criticized that the newspaper La Nación delivered condoms for free.

"The government, the Concertación and some media stores are very concerned about providing information on the subject and finally that is what is achieved with everything to manipulate the problem," said Ivan Moreira, criticizing there was no "value and religious "prevention.

3 years later, the campaign with the slogan "I decide and I always take care of myself" designed by the Ministry of Health together with Vivo Positivo and Asosida organizations, lived the same censorship as for the TV channels mentioned as per. Church. The reason: In the campaign, the use of condoms was promoted.

In 2010 after the earthquake on 27 February, the United Nations provided emergency services to the victims. A government text criticized the actions of Jaqueline Van Rysselberghe, who confiscated the condoms inside the parcels (she was the mayor of Concepcion at the time the area most affected by the earthquake).

The same year during Sebastian Piñera's first presidency, the worst prevention campaign was presented according to Vivo Positivo with the slogan: "Death's old is more fun than dying of AIDS". In the sport you can see an elderly couple die of a heart attack along with busy laughs …

The following year, MINSAL prepared an initiative where condoms should be given away in schools. The situation was criticized by Manuel José Ossandón, mayor of Puente Alto (municipality with the largest population in Chile) and argued that parents responsible for sexual education of children and young people.

The rejection was repeated in Providencia with Cristián Labbé attack the initiative. "The basic problem is the affectivity and the formation of young people, the important is the value creation, the integration of the family," he said.

In 2012, the Minister for Health of Sebastián Piñera's Cabinet, Jaime Mañalich, decided to declare that doctors could inform couples of HIV-positive people about the state of their viral load.

By 2015, UDI and National Renovation resigned from distributing female condoms for free.

The following year, the current mayor of Santiago Felipe Alessandri rejected the initiative to hand over the book "100 questions about youth sexuality" that qualifies it as "incite". Manuel José Ossandón also participated in the irresponsible idea.

Despite the responsibility – or the lack of it – on the political sector, the activist for the cause and the author of the book "I have HIV" Carolina del Real, It ensures that the lack of implementation regarding prevention and containment policies corresponds to a transversal negligence of all sectors that comply or have formed the government.

Vida Magazine

"The rise is coming from 2010, so all kinds of gaps and negligence are almost all independent of political color" he says.

"I insist on the importance of integrated sexual educationl. In the fluid information about where and how the test can be done especially the youngest, bring the exam to the public without bureaucracy, well-filled and sustained prevention campaigns, relevant information about what HIV is, training workshops for teachers, parenting talks, enhanced urgent use of condoms and of course the distribution of condoms free of bureaucracy for those who can not buy "corresponds to a real preventive policy on the subject.

"It is also important that the citizens understand that prevention depends on everyone, we can not ignore the fact that many people decide not to use the condom despite having the information. Prevention is also a civil liability. "

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