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"The election contests that will come will tense the relationships, and be a test of fire for Chile Vamos"

The president of Renovacin Nacional (RN), Mario Desbordes, says it was not a regular week, even though he left the internal election of the party. There were days when I even slept for two hours, like when I was a lawyer in the Supreme Court, even though I only participated in the 2019 budget process in Congress.

Now, elected to command for society, he says it to work so that RN continues to be "the largest party and the most versatile". For this you will focus on expanding the partisan role in areas such as trade unions, students and immigrants. But also, he says, struggles to keep Chile together. Let's go. And to RN.

-Why autocrtica perform these months under the auspices of the National Renewal?

-We have been less careful discussing the issues we need to talk with the government more internally and less of the media. I think the government also missed, especially at the beginning, a little more compassion with the parties. But if you take stock, this relationship is the Government and the party better than 2010.

We have also tried to get RN to get used to this idea of ​​being the biggest party, but at the same time it does not give him the prospect of the other parties. The biggest party can not go to our heads.

-Cul is the challenge given the frictions that are sometimes generated by the party's diversity?

RN has three possibilities in advance. One is to be a small and organized party, which means that the Liberals, Conservatives or Evanglicos go. The second possibility is to be a big party, but very unorganized and divided into permanent conflict, like the RN in the 90's. The third is to be a big, versatile party, where there is harmony and respect for this diversity.

My project is to work for the third possible RN I mention.

Therefore, we immediately start a call process at national level so that we can define the points that unite us all. There are common flags that unite us, and it is "Red of All". I think it's mostly about social issues, and that's what you have to define. For this he will make a proposal in one and a half months.

Primary with J. A. Throw

– One of the objectives of the new directive is to promote potential presidential candidates?

"The first task of having a presidential candidate is that the government is going to do well. Therefore, the first task is to work and support the government. We do not get anything from starting to name people as president if we do it badly.

I think our senators are quite prominent, and ah, there are three very powerful leaders. Among the ministers, I do not just ask you, but I demand that you create the story that you are doing your job well. If in this exercise there is the opportunity to finally be a candidate or candidate, they will also meet the challenge at the time. This makes it possible for us to put on the table when we talk to Chile Vamos, the names suggested by RN. Because I am convinced that Chile's candidate Vamos has to leave a primary school.

– Includes ah right-wing representatives outside the coalition, like former UDI Jos Antonio Kast?

"I expect everyone who feels right center or right side to participate in the primary. I wish Jos Antonio Kast was there. If he insists on being a presidential candidate, I hope he is participating in our primary.

– How do you project yourself in the game?

"My goal in politics is to attain an alternate reel at least. My other major goal is to have a good performance as president of RN. We must hold the party to the biggest, and it is not easy.

In principle, I do not go beyond a period, I think it will be risky for my possible opportunity as an alternate. I also think that you have to leave room for others.

-Would a woman be the one who succeeds him?

"I'm going to be president of the RN, I have no doubt. I do not know if in the directive that follows, but it does not go beyond a few other choices. We have shown that we are engaged in these wires, but we are also engaged in other causes: we have a commission of diversity, we may be the party with more original militants and with important evangelical representation. That is, we are a party at the forefront.

– But the evangelical representation has brought you more than a divergence …

-S that this bothers and annoys many, but I do not know who else took the invitation to the evangelical world so seriously to participate in politics. And for that reason, the evanglicos alternates are at home or the most visible, by RN. It was not temporary. I'm very proud, because I think the evanglico world wanted a voice and a participation, and today it has.

Crtica's UDI: "The rules were broken as a coalition"

-RN has expressed disagreements with the government in the handling of initiatives, such as passports in minimum wages. How do you continue the relationship with La Moneda?

-We have helped our government on several occasions, because we are loyal allies. It is not an unconditional loyalty to the blind who says to all that s. There are also others who claim to be the most loyal allies every day, but if you review the votes at the end of the day they are not necessarily.

-Is it because of responding to projects more than the account?

-It's the only formula for now. The bills do not necessarily go through a proactive conversation. We know them one day before they enter, and it's the risk that the government will go when it goes into projects without talking to us before: let's tell them later why we do not change this or it. But we do it with constructive, good language and tone, which is what matters most.

-You said you will be an accountant for the government program. But in Congress, the Chief's main parties have been gender identity and Safe Classroom. Are you happy?

"We have succeeded in entering into several projects that are very strong within the framework of fulfilling government programs, such as the drug project or the increase in compensation in technical-professional education. They are not yet approved because there was an opposition who knows that when we meet these commitments, people will say that Piera told the truth to him that he did not fail. That's what the opposition does not want to allow. That is why these projects have been delayed more than others in the treatment, as there are cases where 200 people are invited to the commissions, and not 100 as usual.

– What conclusions do you draw from the struggle with UDI Senator Ivn Moreira? Was the block unit in danger?

– When we built this coalition in 2014, Cristin Monckeberg and I for RN put several prerequisites for bringing together. One was that this would be partying and not caciques or colonel, which was traditionally in the middle right. What we agreed on is that this would be a coalition of the party. The second is that the matches should take place within the coalition. If something were to be learned, the center-right had been characterized in the last 25 years of obvious cannibalism. Discussing the doors allows us to solve problems and avoid damage, and that's what we have managed to do during all these years like Chile Vamos.

Episodes like Senator Moreira return to the coalition of the Alliance for Chile in the 90's or 2000's, which got their eyes out in the newspapers. It can not happen, even if the senator was right he has not, the things that arise in the coalition.

-You were aware of these irritations?

"There has never been a word from the UDI president, the secretary general or the head of the senator's bench at the meetings of Chile Vamos, in the La Moneda Political Committee or at the Friday meeting in Chile. has raised what Senator Moreira said. When this goes to the press, we therefore break the rules that we introduced when we built the coalition. If we want to take care of the coalition and transcend beyond a government, then it should not be that.

-An analysis of RN was that this corresponds to a choice of Senator Moreira. But this week, there were RN deputies as in social networks published messages referring to any senator candidates from the Los Lagos party. Is not that provocative?

– Continue not add arguments to this discussion. I think it must be discussed on Monday at the La Moneda Political Committee with the Interior Minister, the other ministerial councils and the parties' presidents sitting at the table. It is obvious that the electoral competitions that come will span relationships, and it will be a Chile Vamos fire test. If we can not overcome these tensions, it means we do not deserve to continue to regulate.

"If we can not overcome these tensions (because of the critical UDI to Minister Monckeberg), it means we do not deserve to continue to rule."

"My goal in the policy is to achieve an alternate reel at least. I project no longer than a period of RN."

"I know that botheres and annoys many, but I do not know who else took the invitation to the evangelical world so seriously to participate in politics."

"The government has missed a little more compassion, especially at the beginning, but the government party's balance is better than 2010"

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