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The Gendarmerie has condemned 80 lawyers to enter prisons in the last 4 years – national

The Gendarmerie has condemned 80 lawyers to enter drugs in prisons for the past 4 years

During this year, five defenders have already been surprised to enter illegal drugs into the penalty. Tvn


Total 80 lawyers have been reported to prosecutors since 2015 to try to get into drugs in prisons in the country.

Only so far in 2019, Five professionals were surprised by gendarmes with illegal drugs in access to the penalty.

According to statistics from gendarmerieAs La Tercera had access to, the largest number of complaints about the inmates' defenders was made in the metropolitan area with 56 cases followed by the regions of La Araucanía with 7 and Antofagasta and Biobío with 5.

Remember that the gendarmes have prohibition of registration of lawyers when entering prisons. Therefore, most cases are discovered after reviewing the inmates after the hearings with their defenders or thanks to the security cameras.

The president of the Bar Association of Chile, Arturo Alessandri, told the same newspaper that "this is unfortunately a problem that is repeated with some regularity." When you go into drugs or drugs, not only does a crime, but also, lack the basic rules of a lawyer on ethical issues ":

On the contrary, the leader of the study of the public defense ministry, Rubén Romero, heard by the complainants stated that "It's not a worrying situation".

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