Thursday , January 21 2021

The latest update activates routines and reminders based on our location

We have recently seen how we can configure home lighting through Alexa. Amazon assistants offer a many possibilities when you interact with the connected home, opportunities that do not stop growing so much for arrival of more skills to the platform as per updates that Amazon utilizes for their assistant.

In that sense, they have just released a new one update Thanks to the Alexa app on our phone, Uses our location to automate certain features. An update now provides devices with Alexa that can perform routines and reminders based on time and place.

Routines at geolocation

With this new functionality we can do the lights in the house or The heating is activated when we are at a certain time, or rather, when ours smartphone With the enabled Alexa app you are at a certain time.

Except for the routines We can also set reminders based on the location. For example, we can Ask you to tell us that we leave the garbage when you arrive at the garage. The system records when we reach a point and notify us of the stored action. This improvement, therefore, allows configuring routines or reminders that will be enabled when crossing a geographic location.

Additionally, with this new enhancement, two actions have been added, because now it also has the capacity to offer us Summary version of our emails of services like Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail or that can manage and respond to emails that dictate messages to Alexa.

Another option that comes is what Alexa now has Call companies in our environment. We not only limit ourselves to the contact book, which is integrated with Alexa. We can also search for a phone from a company or business and call Alexa.

These new improvements They are available to all users, except for the management of electronic mail, which is currently only available in the United States.

Source | TechCrunch

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