Saturday , January 23 2021

The leader of Sony Worldwide Studios, Shawn Layden, recognizes that there are also good experiences at Switch –

In a new interview with the media Game Informer, the famous leader of SIE Worldwide Studios. Shawn Laydentalked about the label PlayStation and its future in the industry and could not help but mention one of its main competitors, Nintendo Switch.

Although it might interfere with your colleagues, Layden He was not afraid to admit that he meant Nintendo Switch and the other platforms on the market, a place where society can meet and share experiences, many of them of high quality.

You can find the words from the manager below:

I will not put too much emphasis on this because it can interfere with some of the people I work with, but I think we are actually facing a kind of world ahead of the consoles where you can experience quality gaming experiences in a variety of ways. technologies. Sure, the PS4 and PS4 Pro give what we obviously think is the best gaming experience, but in the other consoles like Switch, Xbox One X or tablets or phones, there are also good experiences. What we have to do is recognize it. We are not small ghettos of games that are not federated or related at all. We are all part of the same video game community, only we do it through different doors. I think the future will be an extension of this metaphor. Your platform is not your hiding place. It's just your gateway to meet all these fellow players.


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