Sunday , January 24 2021

The man was arrested after driving towards the traffic in Plaza Italia

A car driver was stopped by Carabineros after driving towards traffic in Plaza Italia.

Tele13who lived at the time of this particular situation captured the moment when the special police persecution took place and where the subject shouted loudly that "carabineros wanted to kill him".

"A car that stopped its march and for no reason begins to turn around in the roundabout on the site towards the traffic direction. Based on this, the staff participates in inspecting it, the individual avoids political control Cooperation with another entity is necessary to achieve the arrest of the individual"said the captain of Carabineros Gonzalo Muñoz.

"The topic was completely upset before it was necessary to use power to reduce it and transfer it to unit to check the situation for why it is performing this action"The uniformed said.

The first investigations indicate that man I was not under the influence of alcohol and will go to detention check in the afternoon Monday.

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