Friday , January 15 2021

The municipality of Coquimbo prepares activities to celebrate the day of love and friendship

This February 14 celebrates the day of love and friendship in different parts of the world, and the municipality of Coquimbo is not the exception. Therefore, the municipality has prepared various activities so that couples, families, friends and everyone who has love in their hearts enjoy a pleasant moment in the middle of the summer season.

In particular, it is three days that will be starred by prominent national artists. The play will be given by singer Luis Pedraza and the group La Otra Fé, who will present their success to the public on February 13 at. 9:00 in Plaza Vicuña Mackenna del Barrio Inglés. On February 14, it will be Santos Chávez tour that will sing his most acclaimed productions to the Tierras Blancas public when he arrives at Schneider Avenue, between Linares and Arauco streets at. 9:00 AM Meanwhile, Friday, February 15, the outstanding national artist, Carolina Soto, will arrive at Tongoy Beach Resort to present her successes and end three days of music around the Day of Love and Friendship.

It should be noted that the three days are free and will be animated by Nabila del Mar and Iván "El Potro" Cabrera.

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