Tuesday , January 19 2021

The murderers always come back: the scene that would change the course of the blood pact | TV and shows

This Monday, the beginning of the new bloodstream cycle was noticeably clearer when Feliciano, after being notified of Karina (Antonia Giesen), apparently at suicide, began to connect the ends with the death of the two friends revealing to his superior that both were working on a porn page, a secret that had been held so far.

Thanks to this clue and the suspicions he has, the detective reacted to the matter, which would complicate the quartet, what they had kept calm by blaming Chuzo for Daniela (Antonia Bosman's death) who never convinced the character of Álvaro Gómez

In the example of the next chapter, Benjamin, Marco, Gabriel and Raymond are arriving at the two students, in addition to Trinidad, the one who followed Ignacio, who was destroyed after learning about his friend Karina's death.

This scene, where you see all those responsible for the death of friends, is the key to knowing what will happen later, because Feliciano tells his colleague something that will change the story. "I do not doubt that among all these people can the killers be", declared detective.

After this The next commissioner Isabel Bustos (Javier Hernández) begins to ask about each person in place calling Ignacio's attention, which would open suspicions against him according to some progress they have made.

Now we just have to wait to see if Feliciano and his team will find the real sinners.

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