Friday , January 22 2021

The new Google Maps interface radically changes the program

A few months ago, Google advanced on how its GPS navigation program would be in the future. We would have the opportunity to use magnified reality to know exactly where to go in every moment and there is no need to look at the map every moment.

This would mean a dramatic change in the way we use the application that has always relied briefly to guide us, either in 2D or 3D mode.

in Wall Street Journal They have access to a beta version of Google Maps, which has reached a few local guides in the United States, and has tested the new augmented reality guide.

As you can see in the video, the new interface is clearly divided into two zones. At the bottom is the classic card that occupies about 25% of the screen.

The rest of the image is similar to the camera interface that shows us the area we are in, with signs and posters overlaid in magnified reality to guide us on our journey.

The new Google Maps interface radically changes the program

When we rotate, the cell phone changes what we see on the screen, both in real image and in the symbols that appear on the screen.

This means that we have to go with the mobile phone to navigate and that is dangerous because we can collide or not see an obstacle and because we can steal the phone. The program itself warns us of this and invites us to see, download the terminal and continue walking without looking at the phone until we need it again.

Beyond mobile

It is also explained that this interface is also logical, also intended for other devices, such as those implemented in cars or future magnified goggles, which we are likely to spend one day.

It seems that this interface will replace 100% of the current, but we hope it will soon reach more users to test it.

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